New blog: Nathan's Visioning

Begining September 20, 2010, a new blog, Nathan's Visioning, 'Ruminations of a Clairblogger', is being hosted on this website, using b2evolution software.  It is available by clicking on the blog link on the homepage of this site, directly by placing the blog address into you browser title bar, or by RSS feed subscription (which automatically notifies you via the web whenever there is an update.   

Hiatus From Readings and Therapy Work (05/01/10)

Beginning May 1, 2010 I will be taking a temporary break from doing readings and therapy work to focus on the new audio line mentioned below as well as training offerings.  I will be completing all outstanding reading requests currently being worked on, but will not be accepting new ones for a while. I appreciate your past patronage and hope to be offering these again soon.  

New Line Of Brainwave Entrainment and Subliminal Audio (05/01/10)

We are excited to announce that we are working on offering for sale a line of very special therapeutic, meditation, relaxation and spiritual growth cds that I call Whole Being Vibrations CDs. These cd's employ the latest brainwave entrainment technologies such as binaural beats and monaural and isochronic tones, bi-lateral and other spatial sound effects, and depending on the application, a variety of soothing music at 30 and 60 ppm, nature sounds, bells from a variety of musical instruments. breathwork and om sounds. Our subliminal series may utilize the brainwave entrainment tools mentioned but also employ state of the art techniques for the use of highly effective subliminal messaging to bring about beneficial change and experience. We are targeting the summer of 2010 for the introduction of these cds and will be offering them for sale from this website. In beta tests of these cds we have already received some very positive and enthusiastic feedback and we look forward to making these more widely available so others may benefit. 

New Audio Welcome Message (11/30/09)

A link to a recorded audio welcome message from Nathan has been added to the top of the home page. The message tells you about the site and an overview of the work he does.  If you are curious about what he sounds like, here is a chance to check it out.

New Chat Room (11/26/09)

A chat room for this website with the ability to have public or private chats has been added.  It can be accessed from the Home Page by clicking on the link that says: 'Enter my Chat Room'

New Picture Album Software (11/20/09)

Under the Category of 'Free and Fun Stuff' there is a link for viewing our new format and expanded capacity picture albums.  To start out with, you will find two crystal picture albums with beautiful photgraphs for your enjoyment. Some new album features include:

Google Search Box (11/20/09)

A greatly improved search capability which allows the user to check a box to search this website only or the world wide web.  This is a much faster search than the previous one.

Facelift For Web Pages  (11/20/09)

Many of this site's webpages have been redone for both aesthetic purposes and so that they will work well with both IE and Mozilla Browsers. The previous version of the website, inacccurately portrayed certain pages in Mozilla.  If you would like to give us feedback regarding the website, please feel free to either comment in our guestbook by clicking on the guestbook picture on the home page or via email at: