In August 2008 I was a guest speaker at a conference and intuitive showcase in Knoxville Tennessee.  There was a buzz going around the conference about a man named Nathan Stein and his myriad of gifts. I was anxious to experience them first hand so I made an appointment for a reading. When I sat down with Nathan I appreciated his kind, open, and genuine demeanor as he explained that he had the ability to communicate with crystals and he instructed me to pick several stones out of a pile on the table in front of me. After picking out the crystals Nathan connected to each one and brought through remarkably detailed and life changing information regarding my health, past lives, and my current life path.


The information that Nathan channeled resonated with me at the deepest level. I knew that I was in the presence of a highly evolved healer, teacher, and master. After returning from Knoxville I contacted Nathan to discuss some health issues that I had been dealing with for most of my life. He not only pinpointed in exceptional detail all of my symptoms without any input from me, but he also gave me an extremely thorough explanation as to why I was experiencing these particular health issues. He made very specific recommendations that have resulted in significant improvements in my health and well being.


For years I lived with chronic muscle pain in my back, neck, shoulders, I experienced a chronic feeling of nervousness, and I had a very difficult time losing weight, to name a few of the symptoms that I lived with. After following Nathan’s diet suggestions as well as the use of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), all of these problems have either disappeared or have improved significantly.

I cannot recommend Nathan and his many talents strongly enough. If you get the chance to experience a crystal reading, a past life regression, a medical intuitive session, or any one of Nathan’s many other gifts, you will be very blessed indeed.

Elizabeth Anne Hill

Author: Twin Souls: A Message of Hope for the New Millennium

Co-Creator: An Interview with the Universe




Dearest Nathan,


Wow!  That is all I can truly say to express my awe in how extensive and thorough this reading was!  I did not expect to get even half the information that I did. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 


I can not begin to tell you how much this channeled report has affected me!  I honestly had goosebumps and then tears as I read through it.  I feel such a deeper connection with the little, old soul that is within me.  And I feel so inspired and reassured about our chosen paths. 

You truly have a beautiful gift, Nathan.  I am so honored that we were brought together and I look forward to working with you again!  You have contributed to the growth of my soul in a multitude of ways, and in such a short span of time. Thank You Thank You Thank You!

I am also so honored to have my son directly communicate with me!  I know he chose you for a great many reasons.  But I truly believe that it is because of your communication with him and your own divine intuition, that I can better serve him as his mother in this lifetime.  Again, what a beautiful gift you have given us all!

Blessings to you and your wife!


















"I`ve enjoyed the cd you prepared for me. It was a great help with depression but it came with the most wonderful side affects. From the first time I used it I have had the most beautiful meditations for lack of a better description. I have spoke to passed loved ones, received messages, seen past lives, met new animal guides including a Black Wolf and the most magnificent Tiger, bathed in healing waters with all who needed healing, bathed in the healing light of giant crystals of Atlantis and much more complete with sound effects, color, and smells. They are too numerous and beyond human words for me to describe accurately. I know you help a lot of people and want you to know if you give them this little cd what a wonderful gift it is. I am sure it is as much your intent to help others as it is the actual cd itself.  Thank you very much...Blessings, Deb"
Nathan, I can't thank you enough for the Whole Being Vibrations sound healing therapy CD which you made for me for my sleep disorder! After struggling for over 25 years with insomnia and sleep maintenance issues, and trying every treatment available, I am amazed at how simple and effective this technique is. I simply keep the CD in a player on my bedside stand where I can easily play it when I go to bed at night and again anytime that I do wake up. The soothing music, nature sounds and tones that I hear are enjoyable and relaxing in themselves, and combined with the other aspects of brain wave entrainment that you have utilized here, have allowed me once again to enjoy natural, restful and restorative sleep patterns. I have also noticed that the longer I use this CD the more effective it becomes. And I also appreciate the fact that this type of entrainment CD does not require the use of headphones. No more wakeful hours spent tossing and turning! For someone like me, with Fibromyalgia, RA, and other chronic pain issues, this gift of healing sleep is a godsend! Bless you!