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Sub-Personality Therapy

Have you ever found yourself saying something like: PART OF ME WANTS TO DO THAT BUT...?  Everytime that word 'but' appears a new part or sub-personality (a part of our ego in other words) takes over our consciousness and is for the moment 'in the drivers seat'.  It is estimated that for the average person, that in the course of three minutes as many as two hundred separate sub-personalities exchange places.  Each of these sub-personalities or parts of us are semi-independent and have their own unique belief systems.  They have their own separate preferences, needs and even goals that may or may not be compatible with all of the other parts of you.  Can you spell CONFLICT here? 

Just imagine for a moment what it would be like to attend a meeting, sitting down at a table with 200 people and trying to have all decide on a simple issue?  What if they were voting on something as mundane as commiting to go on a picnic at the park?  Chances are at least some people would not care to go, some might care to go but have reasons they can't and some might feel threatened by the very suggestion of going to the park.  Under these conditions coming to a simple concensus would be difficult in the extreme and chances are that if a concensus on going to the park were forced, that some of those in attendance might even try to sabotage the efforts if they felt strongly enough against it. 

An equivalent situation happens to many of us every day.
  Without being aware of it consciously, there are parts of us that are sabotaging our efforts at healing, abundance, self acceptance, finding a life partner, attaining our goals and just about anything else you can imagine.  It is important to remember that all of these sub-personalities are part of you and you may not even be aware of the actual beliefs they have.  You may consciously feel for example you want more abundance in your life, but there may be one or more unconsciously held beliefs that are directly opposed to this desire!  For example, part of you may believe that the only way to more abundance is to work harder than you are, which may already be very hard!This part may already find the work load unbearable and would be strongly opposed to abundance if it meant working harder! 

The unique transpersonal hypnotherapeutic tool of Sub-personality Therapy provides a way to uncover, dialogue with and resolve conflict with these parts of you that are preventing you from obtaining what it is you want.  These sessions can be very interesting and even fun, but make no mistake they are very powerful and get lasting results.
If you have been repeatedly frustrated at obtaining your goal, you owe it to yourself to give this powerful therapy tool a try! 

A typical session lasts about 60 minutes, though
longer sessions are available

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What would it be like if every part of you recognized that they all want the same beneficial thing?  Learn more here about how this amazing therapy can eliminate  self-conflict, self-sabotage  and help manifest your dreams and bring joy back in your life!