All physical objects absorb energies from the environment they are in. Psychometry is the process of picking up sensory information from an object that belonged to someone. A person sensitized to those energies is called a psychometrist. 
A psychometry reading can provide a person a good deal of useful information about a tangible/object or objects.  Perhaps you are a collector and have an object you would like to know more about? 

Many people have things they have inherited from family members and even distant ancestors and would like to know more about those objects or people.

Psychometry has proven itself very useful for such diverse applications as solving crimes to scientific investigations of the past, especially where there is sparse information available.  Writers and storytellers have found psychometry a very useful tool to provide background information about important objects or places central to their story. 

Finally, psychometry has application in finding clues to lost objects, people or places.  Whatever your use for a  psychometry reading, you are bound to find it a fascinating and useful tool.

A typical reading lasts about 60 minutes, though longer sessions are available.

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