In Nathan's work with those who have crossed over a bright and consistently hopeful message comes through: We are still here and you are not forgotten! Those who have left the body and crossed over into the spirit realms often retain an active interest in those they had close and loving relationships with in life. 

It is important for those who survive those who have crossed to understand that the so called 'dead,' in fact, have lives too! After an initial period of rest and recovery after they pass, their lives can become very active. Often they choose a path of service, or what might commonly be called their work. They can travel, and if they have an inclination, can even visit the living while in their spirit bodies.  

Communicating with those who have crossed through a medium can have profound healing effects, and greatly encourage the living to continue on with their lives.  Additionally, it happens that those who have crossed often have valuable insights or previously unknown information to share. Some spirits even act in the capacity of guides, mentors or guardians to the living, especially if they tended to function that way when they were alive. 

Perhaps you have had the experience of calling a busy person you know on the telephone and not finding them in, and so you leave a message for them to get back. In the same way a busy person who has crossed over may not be available, or choose not to communicate at all at certain times that you seek to contact them. When this is the case, not even the most gifted mediums can connect you with that spirit at those times. Yet, those who have crossed always receive the message instantly that you tried to communicate with them and will often get back o you as soon as they are able.

So why would you want a Psychic Medium Reading?

  • To gain information providing closure around someone who has passed
  • To validate that a person has not been lost to you and is still actively involved in your life
  • To keep up-to-date with what is going on with the person who has crossed
  • To gain guidance or information that might  be beneficial to you
  • To learn more about the nature of the afterlife, and learn what you might experience when you yourself cross over 
  • To satisfy your curiosity about the possibility of communication with those who have crossed and what the process is like.

 A typical reading lasts about 30 minutes, though longer sessions are available.

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Communicating with those who have crossed over can be a healing and moving experience. It allows people to move beyond grief and explore empowering perspectives and possibilities.