Angelic Communication & Healing - One of the oldest and most common spiritual practices for obtaining healing and guidance is communication with the Angelic Realm.  While there are many effective ways of accessing angelic guidance & healing, one specially effective way is through the use of a special, easy to use and set up sacred space using crystals.  An example of such a space, known as The Gate Of Grace is described in a video below.  To watch the video simply click on the arrow in the middle of the picture of the Amethyst crystal.  Enjoy! 

Gate Of Grace

A man named Joe Crane was given information on the placement of stones  to open up an angelic gateway known as the Gate Of Grace. Placing the crystals in eight positions as described in the video to the left creates the gateway. 

While everyone's experience in the Gate will probably be unique, Angelic Healing and communication can take place. This video tells you more about the Gate and how to set one up.

If you are interested in learning more about The Gate Of Grace please follow the following link:



A Tree In The Forest Or Be Who You Are -   From the highest spiritual perspective we are born in this life to reawaken to and experience who we really are.  A spiritual pathway leading to this is to become conscious of our Life's purpose and begin living in accordance with it.  When we live our life in accordance with other's beliefs about who we are, what we are capable of, what we need to be happy, etc. we disempower ourselves, and remain unaware of our life's purpose and of the conscious experience of who we really are. When we live our lives this way, it is common to experience a compulsion to go from teacher to teacher, to this place or that, to obtain something or engage in some activity, in search of something we can't seem to define.  In this inspiring recorded audio, Nathan Stein uses a Zen teaching story, then provides perspectives about what and where this thing we are searching for is. Use the player buttons below to listen to the audio