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Transpersonal Hypnosis is a complete process for deep body/mind/heart/spirit healing, growth and transformation. The client, while accessing their Higher Self and True Inner Guide, are led to an understanding of their own true nature that transcends the individual personality.

This technique weaves together depth hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis, quantum hypnosis, age and past life regression therapy, NLP, Inner Child Work, sub-personality and archetypal processes, timeline therapy, shadow work, shamanic practices, entity releasement and much more. The goal is to help clients free themselves from destructive trance processes of perceiving, thinking and acting caused by personal and societal programming.

Applications For Transpersonal Hypnosis

A partial list of applications to which we beneficially apply Transpersonal  Hypnosis includes: smoking cessation, weight loss; nail biting, allergies, insomnia, pain management, tension & migraine headaches, stress management, immune system enhancement, irrational fears, worry, sadness, grief, age and past life regression, test taking, concentration, memory recall, retrieving lost/misplaced objects, motivation, low self-esteem, public speaking, intuition, accelerating Spiritual Growth, Angel, Guides & Higher Self communication, discovering life purpose, couples hypnosis and more.

While Nathan does work in all application areas of Transpersonal Hypnosis, he specializes in past life regression therapy, energy field therapy, spiritual growth applications, goal attainment, stress management, phobias, smoking cessation, self hypnosis, entity releasement and exploring probable futures.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is a powerful modern therapeutic tool that often gently achieves rapid results. It is based on discoveries about how we create and access our inner realities, through our sensory channels, language and body/mind connection. NLP complements Transpersonal Hypnosis and EFT extremely well. It not only aids in rapport building, which is vital in any type of therapy work, but also makes suggestions much more effective. 

Nathan often uses these modalities of therapy in combination. Areas in which he has had great success with using NLP are: rapid phobia relief, anxiety, depression, fears, anger, resentment, addictions and cravings, self-esteem, and peak performance among others.

A typical first session lasts about 90 minutes, subsequent sessions are generally 60 minutes though longer sessions are available as well.

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