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The 'Crystal Speaker'

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In a Crystal Reading, Nathan offers the client a breathtaking collection of stones to view, asking them to select the stones that most attract them, as well as any that repel them. Based on their selection, Nathan, "The Crystal Speaker", then shares with the client the psychic and intuitive information he receives about them and their lives, with a focus on their spiritual journey, wellness and wellbeing. His readings are sensitive to, and often deeply moving for, the client, coming from the highest source available to him - and reflect always his honesty and integrity as a healer and spiritual guide.

Nathan has a natural, deep affinity for the ?Stone People,? as well as an extensive knowledge about both their metaphysical and their geological properties? all of which is reflected in his readings. A Crystal reading is a unique form of psychic reading, which many people have found to be a new and fascinating experience. In our experience with these readings, no one has ever walked away disappointed. In fact, it is just the opposite, and the response has always been very positive and enthusiastic. At holistic and psychic fairs where the readings have been offered, a steady stream of people come to the WolfStone booth to sign up for a reading saying ?________" just had a reading and they told me I just HAD to come and have one too!

Crystals can act as friends, guides and healers. Those which you are drawn to, or even those which repel you, can detect energy patterns in your energy field reflecting issues and conditions in your life. Communicating through a crystal intuitive, they can offer many valuable insights and healing energies.

Shown above are a typical selection of Nathan's friends -crystals that he uses for Crystal Intuitive readings.

- Photo by Nathan Stein

One of the very unique and rare things about Nathan's crystal readings is that the people he is  doing the readings for often get much more than information from the crystalsSince he is a Transdimensional Energy Channel, the crystals typically open up a gate way for him to other dimensional realms where he acts as conduit, bridge or channel for many different intelligent energies to come through , often simultaneously with additional information and healing.

These other energies can be Angels, Arch Angels, Master Teachers or Guides, Totem Animals , those who have crossed over and much more. Also since Nathan can spontaneously read your  past life information stored in your body's subtle energies, that kind of information can also come through.  Often times, medical intuitive information come through as well.  At such times it is as though a team of spiritual benefactors has simultaneously assembled for you and when that happens we call that a Transdimensional Energy Channeling.

A typical reading lasts about 30 minutes, though longer sessions are available. If you have special stones you would like to get intuitive information about, feel free to bring them to your reading appointment!

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