Probable Futures

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Many times life places us at a crossroad where we need to make a critical decision that can profoundly alter our future.  

A Probable Futures session is a unique and easy way to explore the often unforeseen implications of our choices.  With this tool you can examine what your future might be like, a specified period of time out into the future, if you were to continue on the same path you are on now.

Even more importantly, you can experience what those same time-frames in the future might be like if you make a different choice. 

Once you've decided on the most favorable probable  future, this hypnotherapeutic technique actually enables you to look back and examine the steps that you took to get to that favorable place! 

This is a unique way of minimizing the possibility of making unwise choices with unanticipated outcomes!

 A typical session lasts about 60 minutes, though longer sessions are available

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Explore what your probable future will be like if you continue on the same path you are on now!  Examine what the future might be like if you chose an alternative path instead!