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A Pre-Natal/Pre-Verbal Baby Communicator session is a uniquely specialized psychic service with many advantages.  Much can be learned from the growing baby about its physical, mental and emotional state. Once the baby is born the ability to communicate with it about its needs and information the baby has for the parents, is invaluable. 

A baby growing in the womb is completely psychically bonded with the mother, and is aware of, and affected by, all her thoughts, feelings and conversations and experiences. The baby is very much aware of what the mother is taking into her body and mind. It is important to realize that the growing baby is actually a mature soul bonding to a developing baby's body. 

Also, the baby's birth to the parents was chosen and agreed upon at a soul level before it happened. The baby, through its natural abilities to telepathically communicate, can reveal why the parents were chosen and even the details of its soul contract with them. Even shared past life experience with the parents can be communicated.

Would it be of value and interest to you to learn about your baby's talents, abilities, personality, challenges, opportunities and tendencies before they are born? With this type of reading you can learned detailed information about this and more.   

Contrary to what might popularly be supposed, the baby is very much aware of what is going on in its surroundings, and, in the case of the mother's physiology and biochemistry, it can directly influence those things while growing in the womb. The baby is actually a partner in the birth process, and not merely a hapless by-stander. For this reason, when a mother is facing challenges in the birth process, the growing baby inside can often be helpful. Nathan can function in this regard as both a communicator and a facilitator by coordinating action between the parents and the baby.

Nathan can also communicate with newborn and pre-verbal children, who are not yet able to express their own needs, concerns and interests.

A typical session lasts about 60 minutes, though longer sessions are available.

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