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A Pet Communicator reading is a unique way to learn what is going on with your pet or other animal in your life. If you are troubled by your pet's behavior or simply wondering how it feels about something or someone, this type of reading can help you take action and bring peace of mind.
If your pet, or other animal in your life, could talk -what do you suppose it would tell you?  The trouble is, our pets try to tell us what is on their minds by their behaviors or by physical symptoms/conditions their body develops. This type of communication can not only be troublesome but difficult to understand.  Sometimes, as with people, problems that arise are rooted in the animals past experience, of which you may not be aware. Other times changes in the animal's environment may be responsible for what it's trying to communicate.  Pets, and people for that matter, can become frustrated and upset when what they have to say is not listened to or understood.

Nathan has been gifted with the ability to communicate with animals telepathically and using his other extra senses as well.  He can often determine what is bothering a pet, help to reassure them, get answers to questions that the pet's human has, or communicate information from or to the pet.  In combination with these skills, Nathan also applies EFT surrogately to animals as a therapeutic process, and to calm them as well.  Nathan has worked with a variety of animals to date including but not limited to wolves, dogs, cats, snakes and horses and fish. 

A typical reading lasts about 30 minutes, though longer sessions are available.

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