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Part of our very energy field, from one perspective, functions as a pathway through time, on which there is a vast storehouse if information to be explored, to bring lessons from the past into our present awareness.  In a past life reading Nathan calls upon his abilities to read the past to access information for the client about their past life experiences.

Most of us have experienced  being in a body of both genders, different races and nationalities, in diverse geological locations and in widespread epochs of time. Certain lives, just like certain experiences in this life, leave a great impact on us for various reasons. Invariably, this leads to strong, but frequently unexplainable, feelings about certain places, peoples and times.

Some people, for example, may find themselves strangely fascinated and drawn to books, movies or art about a certain topic, place or era, but not know why. People may have unexplainable phobias that can't seem to be linked to any experience of the current lifetime.

Many times our past life experiences seem to have a theme that relates to other past lives. For example, we may have lived multiple previous lifetimes where we were a musician. Or perhaps, in a number of lifetimes, we keep drawing certain types of people and situations into our lives.  Knowing the background of such patterns can greatly help us to understand the present circumstances we find ourselves in in this lifetime. 

What if you could find out what lies at the root of these patterns, talents, fascinations or even revulsions? The fact is, with a Past Life Reading you can. Would it interest you to learn about shared past life experiences you have had with people who are in your life now? How would you like to learn about as yet undiscovered talents or abilities? Not only can these readings be informative but often much fun as well.

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Every person has a multilayered energy field or aura around them. A part of this field, the Causal Energy Body, has a complete record of a person's past lives. This information can be spontaneously sensed by those attuned to this energy.