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The Health Intuitive processes can be thought of as a unique method of energetically and intuitively scanning the body and the other energy fields around it. The resulting information obtained in this way provides a person the opportunity for addressing, in a timely and cost effective fashion, the issues reflected in the scan. The fact that this can be done remotely, greatly increases its cost effectiveness and availability.

Disclaimer: S. Nathan Stein is not a trained or licensed medical professional, although he is a professional alternative therapist in a variety of healing modalities.  He does have the ability to energetically and intuitively scan a client's body and subtle energy bodies and reports to the client what he sees, and otherwise senses and interprets, in his frame of reference. What he relates to the client is for informational purposes only. He does not diagnose or prescribe anything.  He strongly recommends that whether or not you are currently taking medication or under the care of a healing professional, that before taking any health related action based on the information provided, that you ALWAYS check with an appropriately qualified  health professional first.

A typical reading lasts about 60 minutes, though longer sessions are available.

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A health intuitive reading allows a person to gain detailed insights about physical conditions in their bodies, factors underlying them, and alternative possibilities for dealing with them.