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Let psychic, medium, channel & health intuitive, Nathan, connect you with your Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Animal Guides, crossed over loved ones, crystal, earth and plant divas, in-utero children, past lives and possible futures, human energy systems & patterns and so much more...Receive in depth personal information lovingly channeled for you, your friends & family in the privacy of your ownh home.

And receive your one hour private reading for free!  Now booking Psychic Gatherings or Galleries for 2008.  Transdimensional energy Channeling with
S. Nathan Stein, "your guide to self-discovery & spiritual growth."



Two ways to share the experience ...


A Gathering is a group of 6  to 11 people (not including the host).  You can either host a Gathering at your home, or sponsor it in another location.  Once you, as host, have scheduled an event date with Wolfstone, we will provide you with a planning package that includes all the materials and information you will need to plan your event, including organizational materials for you and registration and information packages for your guests.  You schedule the sessions for your guests, host the gathering and offer refreshments if you wish.

At a Gathering the readings are done in private and are in 30 minbute increments.  Each guest will receive a cassette tape of their session.  A quiet, private space for Nathan to do the readings is required, as well as a comfortabble space for your guests to gather while waiting their turns. 

Typically, Gatherings last between three and five hours, depending on the number of guests - for example, an afternoon event would run from 1:00 pm to between 4:00 and 6:00pm, or an evening event from 5:00 pm to between 8:00 and 10 pm.  Usually, daytime events will not be booked to start any earlier than 1:00pm, but exceptions may be made. 


A Gallery is an event for 12 to 20 persons.  In a Gallery the group gathers in one place, and the readings are given to each individual in the gallery, one at a time, in random order.  By limiting attendance to 20, all are guaranteed to get a reading.  Gallery readings last between 5 and 10 minutes each.  No tapes are available of these events, but note taking is encouraged.

A Gallery is an excellent way for the maximum number of people to share the experience at an affordable cost.  Space and seating for all guests is required with room for Nathan to move about and approach each guest as he does his readings. 

A Gallery usually lasts between 2 and 3 1/2 hours, depending on the attendance. 

About The Crystal Helpers

At both Gathering and Gallery Events, Nathan will set up a table with a dazzling array of stones and crystals, who are there to assist in the channeling process.  In the private readings, the guest will indicate the stones that they are drawn to, and also any that  might make them uncomfortable and Nathan will give the information offered by the selected crystals to the guest during the course of the reading.  in a GALLER the stone will come forth, through Nathan, for each individual reading. 

For more information about Nathan's Spirit Releasement sessions, please contact us at 828-669-2933 or go to our "Contact Us" page on this website.  You may also email us at


Host Your Own Gathering

6 to 11 guests (not including host)
$50 per person for each half hour reading
(includes cassette tape of session)

Host Your Own Gallery

12-20 guests (not including host)
$25 per person

Deposit Policy

Deposit of $25 at time of booking to reserve date.  Additional deposit of $125 due one week befor date of event (you collect from guests.) 

Travel Distances

Our customary travel distance is within a 70 mile radius of our location.  distances beyond this will be considered on an individual basis.  Call for details.


  1. Host receives one hour private reading free at a time agreed upon in advance.
  2. Book a date, with deposit, and receive a "Host Home Planning Package" with information for you and your guests. 
  3. No space available? Host your event at our Wolfstone location. Contact us for details.
  4. Also available: Individual Private Readings, $75 per hour at Wolfstone (can be in-person or remote via phone or email). Price includes cassette tape of reading for in person readings or phone readings and written report for email readings.   
  5. PLEASE NOTE:  Wolfstone reserves the right to approve all potential locations in advance.  No smoking, alcohol or drug use, or negative behavior may be present. 
  6. These prices and plicies are effective as of July 30, 2008 and replace all previous information.  Individual event prices may need to be adjusted according to venue and/or travel distance. 
  7. Most major credit/debit cards accepted (call us for details) 

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