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All physical objects, including spaces which contain objects, can absorb energy. Sometimes the energy absorbed is negative and can greatly affect the quality of living of those within the space. Energy space clearing techniques are ancient but highly effective methods of releasing and transforming the negative energies allowing the space to once again be comfortably used.
Sometimes a space can make us feel uncomfortable and we will know why, as, for example, something in the space reminds us of a similar negative situation in another place and time. However, there are many times we can't account for that feeling, or why others who come into the space feel the same way without us having discussed our feelings with them. This latter situation is often dismissed as an overactive imagination, yet living in these conditions over time  can be detrimental.  

All spaces can absorb a host of different types of energy some of which can be considered negative in the sense of the way they impact the quality of people's lives who live in it. When people have arguments, for example, portions of their emotional energy body are jettisoned off and are absorbed by the surroundings and by people in those surroundings. 

Natural radiation from the earth, known as geopathic stress energies, can also infiltrate a space. Another common reason for these negative energies are people dying suddenly or tragically in a space. Also deep depression, or living in a space in a state of pain or suffering, can fill a space with negative energies. Other phenomenon, while seemingly on the 'fringe,' such as Ghost phenomenon, earthbound spirits of disembodied people and even ancient rituals and curses are still other origins of the attached energies.  

While there are numerous other reasons for negative energy to attach, these energies can usually be strongly felt by most people and can affect physical, emotional and mental health.  For these reasons it is very desirable to clear spaces which make you feel uncomfortable. Admittedly there are many self-help methods which are widely known that are effective in some situations. Still there are many situations where self-help methods could be entirely inappropriate and even ill-advised.  It is advisable, therefore, before attempting self-help methods of space clearing to invest in a little research first to learn about appropriate cautions and concerns. 

For those situations where a person needs professional assistance in clearing a space, for whatever reason, Nathan provides some unique tools and capabilities to help. For example he uses his abilities as a psychic medium, energy sensitive, clairvoyant, entity releasement specialist and energy repatterning specialist.

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