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Albert Einstein taught in the 1920's that everything is energy, including our own bodies. All physical conditions we experience are, in reality, energy patterns. Learn how it is possible to repattern energy and experience how you can profoundly affect for the better many physical conditions.

Like the waves of the ocean, our patterns of energy are constantly changing. One moment they have a certain size, shape and speed, and the next moment, when conditions in the environment change, so do the waves. The importance of the energy patterns may be seen by extending the ocean wave analogy further.

 Ocean waves are ocean waves, it is all water, you might be tempted to say. Fair enough. Yet when the water is patterned into an enormous wall and we call it a tsunami, its destructive power is enormous. Yet that same volume of water, when repatterned in such a way as to spread it out and slow it's velocity down, is rendered essentially harmless and commonplace. The same thing applies to the energy patterns in our body.

In the body it is usually when physical symptoms appear that we first become aware of an underlying destructive pattern of energy. Unfortunately however, by the time that the symptoms appear, the disease process is often already well underway. What if you could be alerted to destructive patterns of energy before they became evident as symptoms?  This is possible with a separate Health Intuitive Reading, a necessary prerequisite for doing a Energy Repatterning Therapy session. 

Energy Repatterning Therapy is a  unique compliment to the Health Intuitive Reading scan and works by directly dissolving the sensed imbalanced energy pattern and replacing it with a copy of the perfect pattern, which the body always keeps intact. This is direct energy field repatterning, without touch of any sort, and can be done even remotely anywhere in the world. The result is frequently that significant rapid relief or even complete removal of the condition may be obtained. Because we realize this is a unique form of therapy  and selecting a therapist is a personal decision, we do provide a free 20 minute consultation, by phone or in person, by appointment.

Disclaimer:  S. Nathan Stein is not a trained or licensed medical professional, although he is a professional alternative therapist in a variety of healing modalities. He does have the ability to energetically and intuitively scan a client's physical body and subtle energy bodies, and report to the client what he sees and otherwise senses and interprets in his frame of reference. What he relates to the client is for informational purposes only. He does not diagnose or prescribe anything. He also has been gifted with the ability to repattern the subtle energy fields of the body in such a way as to produce frequently rapid and beneficial results. He strongly recommends however, that whether or not you are currently taking medication or under the care of a healing professional, that before taking any health related action based on the information provided, that you ALWAYS check with an appropriately qualified  health professional FIRST.

A typical first session lasts about 60 minutes, though longer sessions are available as well.

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