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The ebooks  listed in this section below are NOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN But are also completely free.  You may dowload any of the books here by clicking on their picture links.  These books may be passed along to others but may not be sold or  modified in any way.  Enjoy!

This book is about sharing of fun activities for families especially during the holiday season.  Many crafts and book recommendations are made.  It includes numerous illustrations.
A remarkable work by author David McCready that is highly recommended. With rare insight, David helps us to see past the illusion of what we are experiencing in life and regain access to our free will.  Recognizing that everything that happens to us, both good and bad, is in fact an illusion that we want, has the power to revolutionize this experience called life. 

I also recommend two related videos by David which you can view on this site by clicking on this link  and his website which you can visit by clicking on
This book contains 10 articles that show you how to use ancient wisdom to create a new life of success and happiness for yourself. 
In this ebook the author explains the function of the chakras as a whole an individually.  The associations of each chakra with colors, sounds, crystals etc are concisely summarize and provide a useful beginning guide to the subject.
In this inspiring book, author Tahomi reveals a path by which millions of people worldwide can transform their life from making a living to making a difference.  Tahmohi shows how the discovery of a lost emotion can marshal the forces of the Universe toward manifesting your dreams.
This remarkable and fascinating book explores the profound effects of sound on physical, mental, emotional health and on spiritual growth.  Highly recommended!

Mind Reality contains Universal Secrets that govern every area of life and reality.  According to the author, integrating these concepts into your daily life helps to bring profound change and more success and happiness in life. 


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The term eBooks refers to any length information product that is stored in a digital form and which is readable on a computer or portable digital player. Other common related terms are eReports, eBooklets, eZines, and eCourses. Each of these information products can be made available in a variety of formats, though the most common ones for computers are stored as files in the .pdf or .exe format.  On this website, we offer a wide variety of information products in the .pdf or .exe formats which can be downloaded directly from this site unless otherwise specified. This site reserves the right to change the selection offered at any time without notice. 
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The ebooks  listed in this section below are in the public domain and completely free.  You may dowload any of the books here by clicking on their titles below.  Enjoy!
Peter Rabbit   The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny  Erewhon  Paradise Lost
How The Leopard Got It's Spots     How The Whale Got It's Throat
The Tale Of Two Bad Mice    The Ice Maiden  Robin Hood
Sonnets Of William Shakespeare   Tao Te Ching   The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer   Gulliver's Travels   Moby Dick   Great Expectations
Grimms Fairy Tales   Robinson Crusoe   The Hound Of The Baskervilles   Andersen's Fairy Tales
The Island Of Dr. Moreau  Oliver Twist  The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn  The Last Of The Mohicans  The Jungle Book  Historical Mysteries

The eBooks in this section are free but may be sold or given away by you according to the specific rights inside the ebooks. THEY MAY NOT HOWEVER, BE MODIFIED IN ANY WAY. To download them, just click on the eBook picture links.
In this internet marketing ebook, the author talks about the effective use of the essential website landing page.  In contrast to a website homepage, the landing page specifically focuses on capturing leads for a newsletter subscription or sales for a specific product.  According to the author this ebook: "provides a uniquely powerful system through which you can derive profit from multiple streams.
Free Ebook: For a free crystal Ebook click link below then save book to your hard drive. 

Crystals For Angel, Guide, Master Teacher And Higher Self Work By S. Nathan Stein, CH, EFT-ADV

The author discusses key elements involved in keeping yourself fit. In showing that doing so can actually be enjoyable, he offers a simple no non-sense approach to fitness that makes a lot of sense.




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