In a regression session a person is easily taken back to past events in the current life to the origination of an issue. Once the source of the issue identified the person is then directed to resourceful states which can positively benefit the issue or condition.
A current Life Regression session is very similar to the Past Life Regression session described elsewhere on this website.  These sessions are beneficial both as a therapeutic tool and as an informational recovery tool.

In general, therapy regression techniques are hypnotherapeutic techniques that lead a person, through imagery, suggestion and feeling states back to earlier events in a life where an issue originated. It utilizes, from that point on, a variety of therapeutic tools designed to provide new learnings, perspectives and resources which can be very healing to that condition. 

As an informational recovery tool, Current Life Regressions are also used to remember important details from the past that may have been long forgotten.  This can be very useful, for example, to locate misplaced objects, forgotten locations, details of past conversations, meetings, places visited, names, etc.

A typical session lasts about 60 minutes, though longer sessions are available

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