Inside each of us right now is a higher level of mind (i.e. consciousness) that can enable us to solve any problem, overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal we can set for ourselves!

Carl Jung, the renowned psychoanalyst, coined the
term superconscious mind for this level. He felt it contained the collective wisdom and knowledge of all the ages, and was available to everyone. 

Emerson, the great American essayist, philosopher and poet referred to this level of mind as the 'oversoul', and felt that all power and possibility for the average person came from using this mind on a regular basis.

The superconscious mind is responsible for the creation of anything new and for all true healing. Through the transpersonal hypnotherapeutic technique of Archetypal therapy it is possible to access the unlimited and inexhaustible resources found at this level of mind.

Archetypal Therapy is a truly unique tool in our efforts at healing, growth and creativity.  Give this one a try!

A typical session lasts about 60 minutes, though longer sessions are available

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An archetype is  an original model or type after which other similar things are patterned. They therefore represent a perfect example of a type.
In relationship to archetypal therapy, it is really a universal and pure energy resource found at our deepest levels of being that can be called upon to assist in profound healing.