Prior to life changing major heart surgery as the result of a heart attack in 1997, Nathan worked in corporate America as a scientist, engineer, computer programmer/analyst, consultant, trainer and corporate manager.

At that time his life was highly structured and he was by nature introverted, methodical and intellectual.  He relied primarily on the six physical senses and the reasoning capabilities of the mind.

After this surgery, Nathan became gradually aware that he was living through what author Ruth Montgomery called in her 1979 landmark book, ‘Strangers Among Us’, a ‘Spiritual Walkin’.  His personality shifted dramatically to be much more extroverted, spontaneous and intuitively oriented. Increasingly he relied on his extra senses, while seeking insight into his new life’s purpose while intensively pursuing a spiritual path. Today, Nathan is an experienced, caring and gifted multi-skilled professional therapist, teacher, alternative health consultant and natural intuitive.

Therapeutic Practices

Nathan’s practice includes the disciplines of Transpersonal  Hypnosis/NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Past Life Regression Therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Medical Intuitive Processes, Energy Repatterning Therapy, Crystal Therapy and Chakra Therapy.

Intuitive Gifts/Services

After his ‘Walk In’ experience in 1997, Nathan opened up to a wide variety of psychic sensing such as clairvoyant (psychic seeing), clairaudient (psychic hearing), clairsentient (psychic feeling), claircognizant (psychic knowing) and clariscentrist (psychic smelling).

He does work as: a psychic medium; channeler of: angels/archangels; spiritual teachers/master teachers; guides/master guides; cosmic beings; Higher Self; crystal divas; plant divas; earth and stellar energies. 

Working as a medical intuitive Nathan has the ability to scan the body and surrounding energy fields and experiences what appears to him to be something similar to a color, motion picture cat scan where colored energy patterns that underlie physical issues appear. This is generally accompanied by spontaneous information (usually via clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairsentience) about pertinent related information.

He discovered an ability to both see and feel energy fields around many living and ‘non-living’ things. He does psychic communication sessions with: pets; plants; pre natal (i.e. in the womb) and pre-verbal children.

While he can and does do work using conventional past life regression tools, he has the ability to spontaneously & directly read the part of a person’s aura or energy field where a copy of their past life records are stored (i.e. the causal body).

When he works as a crystal intuitive Nathan loves to tell people about their favorite minerals and why they are in their life. The crystals actually have the ability to resonate with portions of a person’s energy field and sense patterns that manifest as traits, issues, challenges and opportunities in the person’s life.  The crystals in turn ‘speak’ to Nathan who relays all information and guidance to his clients.

Instructional And Consulting Services

Nathan offers a wide variety of workshops, seminars, certification trainining and intensives. Additionally he can provide customized corporate training programs and individual consultation in stress management, creative problem solving, performance enhancement, goal achievement, phobia elimination (including fear of public speaking) and much more. For a description of Nathan's standard training offerings, please visit our sister site WolfStone  

Mentoring Services

Nathan works with individuals who wish to engage in customized intuitive development programs. 


Nathan studied Transpersonal Hypnosis/NLP under internationally acclaimed teacher, author, Master NLP Practitioner, and Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapist, Jack Elias.  He has also studied Past Life Regression Therapy under internationally acclaimed teacher, author and pioneer in the field, Henry Leo Bolduc.  Nathan is a member of, and certified by, the National Guild Of Hypnotists, the largest organization of hypnotist professionals in the world. Gary Craig, the founder of EFT crafted the training programs used by Nathan to study the basic and advanced foundational concepts of this powerful healing modality.

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