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Nathan Stein, TCHT, EFT-ADV

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Hi and namaste! I'm Nathan Stein. I work as a natural psychic, medium, channeller, clairvoyant, medical intuitive, crystal intuitive, pet communicator, plant communicator, baby communicator, multi- discipline therapist, trainer, public speaker and consultant. While my practices are physically based in the Asheville, North Carolina area, I take my work worldwide through telephone and the internet. On these pages you will find many services, products,  trainings and free and fun stuff that I offer. Just click on one of the links to the left arranged by category. You can also go to the  bottom of this page and grab 'tons' of free ebook titles. If you would like to learn more about me please click on my picture above.  Together with my wife Joy, I am a co-owner of Wolfstone, a company dedicated to exploring our true natue, healing, learning and growth. To find out more about our company, click on the Wolfstone sign below.  Enjoy our site and come back often, as we frequently update it.  In Peace, Nathan.

 Important Announcement!  I will be taking a hiatus from doing readings and therapy work temporarily beginning on 5/01/10. Please click on the flashing "New" sign under 'Appearances and What's New' menu for more details.  

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If you believe that 
manifesting joy, peace of mind, contentment, abundance and healing, can't be obtained by you...

You may have arrived at this site to discover the infinite possibilites within your deeper levels of being. There are no accidents in the Universe, so perhaps one of those possibilities is the realization you simply havent learned how to do it...UNTIL NOW!

The purpose of my work and this website is to provide you with amazing and self-empowering tools to discover and manifest blessing in your life.






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Emotional Feedom Tecniques (EFT) practiced and taught here.

A remarkably effective, fast acting and non-invasive universal healing and self help tool - as close as the tips of your fingers. Read about it here

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9/02/08 Interview On Think Again radio program with Host John Hodge

02/16/09 Interview On 'Seeing Beyond The Veil' radio show with Host Linda Allen









The following are unsolicited testimonial excerpts about Nathan's work. To read the full text of these please click on the 'Testimonials' link at left or CLICK HERE.

 "I cannot recommend Nathan and his many talents strongly enough. If you get the chance to experience a crystal reading, a past life regression, a medical intuitive session, or any one of Nathan?s many other gifts, you will be very blessed indeed."


Elizabeth Anne Hill

Author: Twin Souls: A Message of Hope for the New Millennium

Co-Creator: An Interview with the Universe

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"Wow!  That is all I can truly say to express my awe in how extensive and thorough this reading was!  I did not expect to get even half the information that I did. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

I can not begin to tell you how much this channeled report has affected me!  I honestly had goosebumps and then tears as I read through it.  I feel such a deeper connection with the little, old soul that is within me.  And I feel so inspired and reassured about our chosen paths."

...You truly have a beautiful gift, Nathan.  I am so honored that we were brought together and I look forward to working with you again!  You have contributed to the growth of my soul in a multitude of ways, and in such a short span of time. Thank You Thank You Thank You!"

Elaine Caban


"Nathan, I can't thank you enough for the Whole Being Vibrations sound healing therapy CD which you made for me for my sleep disorder! After struggling for over 25 years with insomnia and sleep maintenance issues, and trying every treatment available, I am amazed at how simple and effective this technique is.

I simply keep the CD in a player on my bedside stand where I can easily play it when I go to bed at night and again anytime that I do wake up. The soothing music, nature sounds and tones that I hear are enjoyable and relaxing in themselves, and combined with the other aspects of brain wave entrainment that you have utilized here, have allowed me once again to enjoy natural, restful and restorative sleep patterns.

...For someone like me, with Fibromyalgia, RA, and other chronic pain issues, this gift of healing sleep is a godsend! Bless you!"







"I`ve enjoyed the cd you prepared for me. It was a great help with depression but it came with the most wonderful side affects. From the first time I used it I have had the most beautiful meditations for lack of a better description. I have spoke to passed loved ones, received messages, seen past lives, met new animal guides including a Black Wolf and the most magnificent Tiger, bathed in healing waters with all who needed healing, bathed in the healing light of giant crystals of Atlantis and much more complete with sound effects, color, and smells. They are too numerous and beyond human words for me to describe accurately. I know you help a lot of people and want you to know if you give them this little cd what a wonderful gift it is. I am sure it is as much your intent to help others as it is the actual cd itself.  Thank you very much...Blessings, Deb"